To contribute to the preparation of the Palestine Strategic Framework 2021-2025, and based on the draft of the same, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has requested the pre-appraisal of the Palestine Bilateral Programme 2021-2025. This program has the overall objective of supporting a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the realisation of a two-state solution and aiming for stabilisation in the region. The Strategic Framework has 3 cross-cutting objectives: 1) Human rights & democratic accountability, 2) green, sustainable & inclusive economic growth, 3) resilience, peace & stability.

This assignment was awarded to Nordic Consulting Group, where NCG’s partner Jakob Kirkemann Boesen was part of the team of consultants, with Hans Henrik Madsen as Team Leader.

The objective of the pre-appraisal is to assess the quality and the feasibility of the proposed bilateral projects, which are seven: Municipality Development Programme (MDP) IV, Reform, and development of market chains and producers’ organisations II, Support to the Danish House in Palestine (DHIP), Support to West Bank Protection Consortium (WBPC), Green Jobs and Sustainable Income Opportunities for Palestinian Female and Male Youth in the Agri-food Sector, Core support to Independent comm. for Human Rights (ICHR) incl. twinning with DIHR. As well as quality assurance of these, and the identification of synergies with other Danish supported programmes, and donor complementarity. 

The pre-appraisal should also identify the overall linkages of the projects to the Strategic Framework and their relevance for Palestinian development and needs. The final product will therefore reflect overall recommendations as well as specific project recommendations.