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NCG is currently leading, or part of, two consortia managing Sida’s framework agreements on human rights and democracy, and evaluation services.

We invite experienced consultants, interested in working with NCG on any of these framework agreements, to submit their CVs in our database. 


Framework on Evaluations Services 2019 – 2023

NCG Denmark, as consortium lead, has  in  collaboration  with  consortium members  NCG  Sweden, Triple  Line UK Ltd. and OPM carried out a total of 29 call-off assignments so far. Services under the framework agreement evaluations include all types of evaluations with respect to:  

  • Purpose (summative, formative, for accountability, for learning, etc.),
  • Evaluation object (project, programme, strategy, policy, method, etc.),
  • Part of the “results chain” (process, output, outcome or impact), timing (mid-term, end-term, ex-post)
  • Approach (quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods).

Other evaluation related services may include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation pre-studies
  • Evaluability studies
  • Evaluation approach and methodology studies
  • Synthesis and summary reports of Sida or other institutions’ evaluations

All of which  are  closely  related  to  the  design,  implementation  or  finalisation  of  a  tentative/upcoming/on-going/finalised evaluation. Such services can, for example, be commissioned to guide the decision whether to conduct a thorough evaluation or provide preliminary guidance with respect to evaluation questions as well as methodological approaches. The studies may also guide the implementation of an ongoing evaluation or be used to conclude the results from several evaluation products.


Framework on Democracy and Human Rights 2023 – 2025

NCG was awarded the Sida Framework Agreement for Democracy and Human Rights in consortium with NCG Sweden. The Consortium has established cooperation with the recognized research institutes: Raoul Wallenberg Institute in Sweden and the independent CSO Danish House of Palestine. The Framework includes the following thematic sub-areas:
  • Political Institutions
  • Political Processes and Pluralist Civil Society
  • State building
  • Public Institutions and Public Administration
  • Local Democracy and Decentralisation
  • Public Financial Management
  • Human Rights Systems and Human Rights Defenders
  • Equal Access to Justice and Rule of Law
  • Equality and Non-Discrimination
  • Freedom of Expression and Access to Information Online and Offline
  • Human Rights Based Approach
If you have relevant expertise within the thematic sub-areas and want to join NCG’s pool of experts, kindly upload your updated CV to our CV database