The objective of the assignment was to carry out an evaluation of long-run development co-operation between Sweden and Tanzania. The evaluation was specifically concerned with the contribution of Swedish bilateral aid to poverty reduction in Tanzania since the commencement of this co-operation in 1962. In addition, it lessons learned from the evaluation for future development co-operation.
The Aid Quality Evaluation Framework (AQEF) was applied. AQEF consists of three components, which are: (i) consistency with Paris Declaration principles; (ii) consistency with pressing development needs in the partner country; and (iii) cognisance of development capacity.
The application of AQEF and analysis of related information was conducted using mixed methods research that employed quantitative and qualitative methods in a complementary way to interrogate different types of evidence about the context, evolution, and outcomes of Swedish development assistance to Tanzania. The quantitative methods involved detailed analysis of the levels of aid to Tanzania from Sweden and other donors; looking at the sectoral focus of this aid; the extent of fragmentation and proliferation of Swedish and other aid, and at trends in poverty and other related variables identified by the ToC. The qualitative analysis was micro in orientation, and based on the flexible exploration of the evaluation questions through the use of semi-structured interviews of key informants and analysis of existing project and sub-national program documentation.

- Elaboration of an overall Evaluation Matrix outlining evaluation questions, data sources and data collection tools.
- Design data collection tools including interview guides.
- Collection of quantitative and qualitative data.
- Draft of report and presentation of report to the Swedish Epxert Group for Aid Studies.
- Finalise report by responding to all comments to draft versions.



Assistance to Evaluation of long-run development co-operation between Sweden and Tanzania





Alfred Deakin University

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