The purpose of this evaluation was to:                                                                      

a) assess, document and explain the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency – and where possible sustainability and impact – of Danish support to development research within the thematic areas of agriculture and natural resource management;


b) provide lessons learned and recommendations which may feed into on-going discussions on how to improve support to development research, and more specifically into the current process of developing an overall strategic framework for support to development research, which is expected to be published in May 2013. Amongst the tools being used for the Evaluation were individual and focus group interviews, site visits (Tanzania and Burkina Faso), an online survey, desk analysis of reports and documentation as well as stakeholder group consultations through Workshops in Denmark, Tanzania and Burkina Faso.



Danish support to research in agriculture and natural resource management 2006-2011


Burkina Faso and Tanzania




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Anne Højmark Andersen

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296.960,00 DKK