The NCG Denmark-led consortium has been commissioned to undertake the Sida Evaluation Services assignment “Core support to the Kosovo Foundation for Cultural Heritage without Borders 2016-2022 (CHwB)”. The project is in line with the Strategy for Sweden’s reform cooperation with the Western Balkans and Turkey 2021-2027 and contributes to the following objectives: better democratic governance and greater respect for human rights and the rule of law; better conditions for inclusive reconciliation processes and conflict and violence prevention efforts; improved opportunities for productive employment with decent working conditions. The objectives of the evaluation are to evaluate relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, and coordination of the core support to CHwB Kosovo and formulate recommendations as an input to upcoming discussions concerning the preparation of a new phase of the intervention. The project is led by an NCG Sweden team consisting of James Alan Newkirk (NCG Sweden) as team leader, Juela Shano (NCG Sweden) as a team member, and Dolf Noppen (NCG Denmark) as quality assurance manager.