NCG has finalised an impact study commissioned by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) focusing on their engagement with agricultural cooperatives in Armenia and Georgia. The objective of the programme was to help further planning, decision-making and steering of ADA’s engagement in food security and sustainable rural development. In sum, the report concluded that ADA-supported cooperative projects have suffered from various shortcomings that have affected the ability to achieve the changes along the lines stipulated in the ToC. In light of this, it has been recommended that ADA Review their strategy and policy framework to include a strong and clear commitment to developing programmatic approaches for support to rural development and agriculture, including for agricultural cooperative development. The impact study was conducted by Louise Scheibel Smed, Carsten Schwensen, John Rand, Dr Hrachya Zakoyan and Ms. Keti Getiashvili who provided evidence concerning the effectiveness and impact of instruments, strategies and approaches applied by ADA in its support of agricultural cooperatives with a key focus on learning outcomes.

The report can be accessed here: