The goal of Growing Up Free is to enhance the effectiveness of Ghana's efforts to combat child trafficking and the objective of the programme is to provide trauma-informed care to trafficked children; assists families of rescued children to provide for their basic needs; and increase awareness and knowledge of child trafficking in Ghana. The programme mainly focuses on children enslaved in the Volta region's fishing industry and the communities of the Volta and Central Regions that were once their homes. Other forms of slavery and worst forms of child labour such as domestic servitude, sex trafficking and forced marriages are also adressed in the programme. The main objective of the assignment is to conduct a baseline study in 34 communities on the prevalence of child trafficking and slavery as well as the communities' understanding of these concepts; develop a child rights educational curriculum to be used for awareness-raising of children's rights in communities; conduct an end line and follow-up study repeating the data collection from the baseline study; and finally conduct a summative evaluation of the Growing Up Free programme to assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, and replicability of the programme.

- A comprehensive baseline study in 34 communities Ghana's Volta and Central Regions. The baseline includes training of data collectors, social mapping, focus group discussions with beneficiaries, key informat interviews with traditional and community leaders and other local stakeholders; and a survey to assess understanding and prevalence of slavery in the communities.
- Development of a child rights educational curriculum including two booklets for community education.
- End line follow-up study in 34 communities where the methodology from the baseline is repeated to measure results.
- A summative evaluation that assess relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, and replicability of Growing up Free.



Baseline and External Evaluation of Free the Slaves Programme: Growing Up Free: An effective response to child trafficking in Ghana's Volta, Central, and Greater Accra Regions





Free the Slaves

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Louise Scheibel Smed

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DKK 987,000