The Pan African State Accountability Project (PASAP) runs from January 2015 to June 2018. The project aims at creating sustainable impact on the realization of children's rights in Africa by strengthening CSOs' institutional and technical capacity to hold states accountable, and to engage effectively in child rights monitoring and advocacy, at the national, regional, sub-regional and international level.

For PASAP, Plan International will build alliances and work in partnership with CSOs at different levels (national, regional/sub-regional and pan-African). The project aims to support child rights monitoring and advocacy activities by CSOs and their coalitions/networks (including children and youth groups) at the country level to influence the ratification/establishment and implementation of human rights treaties and other legal and political state commitments related to children's rights.

The project also supports pan-African, regional/sub-regional and international level advocacy and child rights monitoring activities particularly by sub-regional and Pan-African CSOs, networks and platforms (including children and youth groups) to influence decision-making by AU (including regional/sub-regional bodies such as Regional Economic Communities) and UN bodies.

The project also aims to support activities to strengthen institutional and technical capacities of CSOs at all levels; and it facilitates coordination/cooperation, learning and sharing among themselves around child rights monitoring and advocacy.

The purpose of the baseline study was to provide robust baseline data for the program as benchmarks for performance evaluation, recommend targets for performance evaluation, and provide information that will assist in updating the results framework.

Services provided include:

-Quantitative data collection in the form of an online questionnaire sent to all current project partners and beneficiaries;
-Qualitative data collection in the form of qualitative interviews with Plan staff, project partners, national child rights coalitions and other project beneficiaries;
-Compilation of database containing all collected data;
-Baseline report;
-An updated results framework, including baseline values, targets and methodology for future performance evaluations.



Baseline Study of the Pan African State Accountability Project (PASAP)


Ethiopia, Gambia, Senegal


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