The Component forms part of Denmark’s Climate Change and Environment Programme in Mozambique. Climate change and environment have been integral elements of a number of consecutive programmes since 2006. The Component objective is “Consolidated, sustained and further developed capacity of state and non-state actors to undertake actions in accordance with their duties and rights that improve the environment, livelihoods and resilience to climate change of the people of Mozambique”. The Component has three subcomponents: 1) Mainstreaming of environment into sector policies and strategies; 2) Institutional development of MITADER and sector institutions; and 3) Implementation of environment and climate change policies and strategies. The Component is planned to be concluded by December 2017.

The scope of the assignment was primarily concerned with: a) progress on finalising activities carried over from 2016; b) assessment of proposed consolidation activities; c) assessment of the need for short-term TA for the remaining period; d) review of progress to identify best practices and development of guidelines for addressing environmental and climate change issues; e) review of prospects for accessing international climate funds; f) review of scope of lessons learned.

The following services were provided:

  • Document review;
  • Elaboration of Mission Preparation Note;
  • Consultations with Danida (lead partner),
  • EU and Irish Aid;
  • Consultations with Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development;
  • National Institute for Disaster Management Ministry of Economy and Finance;
  • National Road Agency; Discussions with consultant’s staff;
  • Preparation of debriefing note and conduct of debriefing session;
  • Preparation of draft Review Report;
  • Receipt of comments and preparation of the final Review Report.



Review of the Strengthening Climate Change and Environment Sector Capacity Component 2015-2017, Mozambique






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Per Kirkemann

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