Niels V.S. Harild

Niels V.S. Harild


Niels V.S. Harild is a Political Scientist and Economist with 38 years of experience working with conflict, forced displacement, fragility, transition, peace-and-state building, interagency collaboration and partnership development, change processes, resource mobilisation and policy design. His cross-continental work has mainly been in conflict zones with the World Bank Group, UNHCR, non-governmental organisations and governments.

Niels managed the World Bank Group (WBG) Trust Funds for financing development work on conflict, fragility, transition, state-and-peacebuilding and the development of partnerships with other international financial institutions. He went on to establish and manage the Global Program on Forced Displacement (GPFD) in the WBG which laid the foundations for the future direction of the WBG’s approach to the agenda of conflict induced forced displacement and indeed for the evolution of the strong partnership between the UNHCR and the WBG. Niels has worked with the European Union, governments and international agencies to develop policies on comprehensive approaches to forced displacement situations. He has been a central figure in the series of efforts over the last 20 years to improve collaboration between humanitarian and development actors on the challenges of forced displacements caused by conflict, violence and human rights violations.

Core areas
• Forced Displacement and Development
• Humanitarian-Development Nexus
• Conflict, Transition, State-and Peacebuilding,

Expertise and Services
• Policy and strategy Design
• Dialogue and operations design
• Formulation, review and assessment
• Political economy analysis
• Management and partnerships
• Facilitator, moderator, panelist, speaker

Danish: Native
English: Fluent