NCG has finalised its contribution to the Evaluation of the Danish Support to Civil Society for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, covering support to 16 strategic partner organizations (receiving SPA funding) as well as support through the six pooled funds. The evaluation comprised three thematic evaluations: 1) Public Engagement in Denmark; 2) Strengthening civil society in the Global South; 3) Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus.

Across the three thematic areas, the evaluation sought to capture outcome level results and to stimulate learning based on evidence of achieved results.

Two of the three thematic evaluations were led by NCG. The report on Public Engagement in Denmark was conducted by Verner Kristiansen and Mikkel Hansen and the report on Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus was conducted by Anne-Lise Klausen and Ayla Yurtaslan. The last report on Strengthening civil society in the Global South was led by INTRAC and with Frank Runchel as a team member.

The reports can be accessed here: