NCG is currently conducting an evaluation of DFPA’s thematic project Integrating population dynamics, SRHR and climate change adaption: strengthening advocacy capacity in the South for pro-poor policy change”

The project is implemented in Uganda and Ethiopia by DFPA’s local partners in combination with global advocacy platforms, thus linking the grassroot level to the national as well as the global level. Set against the backdrop of Uganda and Ethiopia being climate hot spots, the project aims to increase awareness key decision makers and impact climate change adaptation policies about the linkages between population dynamics, sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender considerations and adaptation to climate change.

The objective of the evaluation is to assess the extent to which the project has achieved the planned results and explore the project’s impacts. The evaluation is also to provide forward-looking recommendations for future advocacy efforts.

The NCG’s team of experts on this assignment are Team Leader Camilla Winther Kragelund, and capacity development and natural resource expert Arvid Sloth. The assignment will be carried out both in Denmark, and through field visits to both Uganda and Ethiopia