NCG is currently conducting an evaluation of Danish Refugee Council’s (DRC) Diaspora Project Support (DiPS) in Afghanistan, an evaluation which mirrors the one that NCG carried out in 2018 on their DRC’s Diaspora Project Support in Somalia. DRC’s Diaspora Programme is aimed at facilitating, supporting and enhancing the role of diasporas as agents in humanitarian assistance, recovery and development in their countries of origin. Via its Danida funded DiPS, the program provides direct support to diaspora organisations by co-financing relief, rehabilitation and development activites in Somalia and Afghanistan. 


In line with the evaluation of the DiPS in Somalia, the evaluation of DiPS in Afghanistan will test key assumptions underpinning the DiPS, build the evidence-base of results, and inform future programming strategies for diaspora support. Besides the final evaluation report, NCG’s team will also write a brief based on the two evaluations, that draws up main conclusions, discusses issues related to DiPS engaging with the two diasporas, and outlines a set of recommendations related to the DiPS structure.


NCG’s team has been led by Mathias Kjær for both evaluations, Anne-Lise Klausen provided Quality Assurance on the Somalia DiPS evaluation, and Ayla Yurtaslan as Evaluation Associate on the Afghanistan Evaluation.