In May, 2017, NCG was contracted to provide consultancy services to a large number of human and civil rights and media CSOs in Moldova and Ukraine supported by Sida. More specifically, this includes provision of long-term, individually adapted and continuous organisational effectiveness and development support to CSOs in a way that strengthens (rather than replaces) existing organisational systems to prioritise, organise, monitor and act on desired social and democratic changes in society. A special emphasis is on ensuring the CSOs’ ability to comply with Sida requirements within gender equality and mainstreaming, results-based management, human rights based approach, integrity and anti-corruption measures. The CSO systems help support assignment is now gaining full traction by rolling out a tailored training programme in Ukraine and Moldova over winter and spring 2017-2018.

The NCG team consists of 7 international and 2 national as well as short-term specific consultants. NCG partners involved in the assignment are Frank Runchel (Team Leader), Louise Scheibel Smed (Gender equality, project coordinator), Theresia Kirkemann Boesen (Human Rights/HRBA) and Charlotte Flindt Pedersen (Human Rights). Suzanna Zivkovic (Gender equality and anti-corruption) from NCG Sweden is also part of the team.