NCG has recently been awarded a contract, in consortium with ADE Belgium, to assist the Embassy of Denmark in Bamako, Mali with establishing an operational monitoring and risk (M&R) management system under and associated with Denmark’s Country Programme for Mali for the period 2017-2022. Denmark’s bilateral country programme for Mali comprises 3 thematic programmes and 11 development engagements. The three thematic programmes in the Country Programme are: Peaceful Co-existence; Decentralisation; and Private sector development.

A team of long-term M&E and risk analysis experts will be fielded in Bamako from November 2017. The role of NCG experts Frank Runchel, Bodil Olesen and Anne Højmark Andersen will be to provide expertise and support in reviewing baselines, assessing partner’s capacities and practices, and providing technical support to partners in Bamako in the field of conflict analysis, risk management, Theory of Change, development of indicators and results framework.

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