A feasibility study conducted for SOS Children's Villages in two countries: Cote d'Ivoire and Senegal. The objective of the assignment was to assess the situation of children without, or in risk of losing, parental care. The assignment culminated in two final reports, one for Cote d'Ivoire and one for Senegal.
The purpose of the assignment was to:
1. Determine to which extent the SOS programme responses were aligned with SOS Children Villages Programme Approach (within Care, Education and Health in each country);
2. Assess the needs of children, especially in the areas of care and protection, education and health, of the target group in the countries, and determine to which extent these needs were being covered;
3. Assess the range of measures in place to prevent family separation at the State level, the various living arrangements for children in alternative care, and the administrative and civil-society framework coordinating/managing those services;
4. Explore the national legal and policy framework which governs the delivery of alternative care services in the country;

Propose appropriate responses (actions) to be implemented by SOS CV or any other relevant partner, to overcome the gaps observed in (1) to (4) above.

The assignment was split up in two components:
1) A Feasibility Study based specifically on SOS program interventions in each country.
 2) a Country Care Systems Assessment of the implementation of UN guidelines of Alternative Care on a national level.
Field work conducted in each SOS CV locations in the 2 countries, focus on qualitative methods (open focused interviews, SOS Staff, beneficiaries, other stakeholders) + a requested household survey (cf. e-mail correspondence between SOS CV Dakar and NCG).  
The final results were presented in 2 reports per country, written in French and translated into English (by One Hour Translation, Q/A NCG).



Country Feasibility Studies in Ivory Coast and Senegal


Ivory Coast, Senegal


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SOS Childrens Villages

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Dolf Noppen

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DKK 661,000