The objective of the assignment was to carry out an evaluation of "Towards positive health, dignity and prevention" - a program focusing on HIV prevention and stigma reduction in Sierra Leone. The Anglican Diocese of Bo (ADB) implemented the program from July 2011-January 2017 in four districts in the Southern and Eastern regions of Sierra Leone. The purpose of the Evaluation was to assess and analyse the program in accordance with the OECD DAC evaluation criteria of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability and to produce a set of forward-looking recommendations for a future phase out of the program, taking into account the need to reduce the scope of the program in a possible future phase.

The program was designed around three components of 1) Capacity building of ADB order to strengthen ADB expertise within HIV prevention, counselling and testing; 2) Sensitisation and awareness raising on HIV prevention and positive living, and 3) Advocacy for the promotion of human rights related to the spread of HIV and the rights of People Living with HIV (PLHIV).

Services Provided:

- Elaboration of an overall Evaluation Matrix outlining evaluation questions, data sources and data collection tools;
- Design data collection tools including interview guides;
- Collection of quantitative and qualitative data;
- Carry out one week of fieldwork in Sierra Leone;
- Draft of report and presentation of report to client: Mission Afrika and Danish Mission Council Development Department (DMCDD);
- Finalise report by responding to all comments to the draft version.



Evaluation of the project: Towards Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention


Sierra Leone




NCG Consultant(s):

Julie Thaarup

Project duration:

Start date:
End date:

Total Contract Value:

DKK 47,000