This assignment was an external evaluation of the United Nations Joint Programme for Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala.

The evaluation identified and analyzed the achievements, progress, challenges and key lessons learned of the Maya Programme. The evaluation assessed the extent objectives and whether the results of the program were achieved from the point of view of the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.

The inputs and results were used by the partner organizations and public institutions involved, UN Agencies, Norwegian Cooperation and the Program team to develop a follow-up strategy to support the realization and fulfilment of the individual and collective rights of the indigenous peoples in Guatemala.

The evaluation team analyzed the strategic approaches implemented, the management models proposed, program management processes, the degree of dialogue and joint action between different actors, coordination capabilities with other programs at local, regional, national and international level, the generated capacity building as related to sustainability, the inclusion of cross-cutting issues, and the way the program reached the final beneficiary as well as their participation in program design and implementation.



External Evaluation of the United Nations Joint Programme for Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala






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