Sustainable Business CA Page

At the centre of sustainable business lie the building of resilient infrastructures, investing in inclusive and sustainable innovation and businesses, andresponsible business conduct to ensure full and productive employment and decent work for all. Nine of ten jobs are created in the private sector and each new job lifts five people out of poverty.

Drawing on our in-house expertise and that of our network of collaborating partners, we have the technical know-how and sector-specific expertise to address sustanable business areas individually, as well as providing the crucial inter-linkage between sectors. Our consultancy services to further sustainable business development, and as such, economic growth, include amongst others:

  • Analysis and formulation of policy, legislation and regulation to promote inclusive employment, job creation and decent work
  • Analysis of labour markets and promotion of social dialogue
  • Public financial management and associated reform measures
  • Business and private sector development, including small and medium size enterprise (SME) development, and access to finance
  • Planning, formulation and implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects and initiatives. This includes compliance on CSR (UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights) and strategic CSR initiatives
  • Strengthening and development of supporting and ‘enabling’ sectors such as transport, water and energy
  • National and local level planning and formulation of programmes to strengthen and develop agribusiness, forestry and fisheries sectors for improved livelihoods, diversification and added value

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