NCG has been assigned by Disabled Peoples Organisation Denmark (DPOD) to conduct the mid-term evaluation of their programme Strengthening the disability movement in Ghana, phase III

Strengthening the Disability movement in Ghana, Phase III is the last phase of a joint effort between the following Danish and Ghanaian disability organisations: Danish Association of the Blind (DAB), Danish Deaf Association (DDA), Danish Association of the Physically Disabled (DAPD), Landsforeningen LEV and Ghana Blind Union (GBU), Ghana national Association of the Deaf (GNAD), Ghana Society for the Physically Disabled (GSPD), Inclusion Ghana (IG), and Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations (GFD). The project has been implemented across all 10 regions in Ghana in 24 districts. 

Throughout the project implementation there has been a focus on Advocacy and organisational sustainability of the partner organisations. This third phase of the project has a specific focus on organisational sustainability and consolidation of results from previous phases. 

The objectives of the assignment, is to conduct midterm evaluation of the project to help establish a snapshot of the current status of the project, especially relating to the sustainability of the partner organisations; of the results and methodologies applied, the alliances built and the ability of the organisations to work jointly to achieve results. The mid-term evaluation also seeks to help the project partners to draw key lessons for implementation of the remaining activities and revision of the project to support an appropriate close-out of the project.

NCG partner Bodil Birkebæk Olesen is Team Leader on the assignment.