NCG has recently been assigned to design the second phase of the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) in Uganda.

DGF is a multi-donor mechanism, which purpose is to strengthen democratic governance in Uganda. The DGF mainly corporates with Ugandan civil society organizations and has over 80 implementing partners.

The DGF has three components:

• Component 1: Promoting democratic values, norms and practices;

• Component 2: Human rights protection and access to justice;

• Component 3: Citizens’ engagement for improved service delivery and better natural resource governance.

The purpose of the assignment is to design and plan for the transition to a second five year phase of the DGF (DGF II) commencing on 1 January 2018.

The aim of the design of DGF II is to consolidate and refocuse DGF interventions for a stronger and more coherent strategic push for democratic governance change in an increasingly more challenging context while at the same time allowing for new strategic partnerships. Furthermore, DGF II design should pay greater attention to women’s empowerment and gender equality and the “leaving no one behind” agenda (including people with disabilities). Conflict sensitivity should also be addressed in the design of the DGF II programme.

The NCG team comprises seven core team members including NCG Partner Julie Thaarup.